At ETS we know very well the importance of the executive personnel’s reward, as they are the ones that deliver the maximum affordable rise and stability of any business. For this reason we promote incentive travel (incentives) providing the most advanced services.

So if you plan to offer an incentive trip to your employees, external partners, or your customers, we have certainly the package that suits you and meets your requirements.

We know very well that incentives are very different from a conventional trip. Incentive trips usually are offered by the employer to the highly productive and efficient employees as part of their remuneration package. To enhance the positive effects of motivation, these trips should be captured in memory as an exceptional event for the person concerned.

Incentives organized by ETS they are known for their creativity, attention to detail, excellent communication at all times and the highest quality of service. Every team member of the ETS always give the maximum attention to detail and your specific needs, creating a customized travel package that meets 100% of your requirements based on your requirements.

Incentive trips help to create powerful professional and personal relationships between partners, leading to an increase in creativity and efficiency.

Let's design together your own incentive trip and create new strong bases through trust and recognition will be the foundation of the evolutionary progress of your business!

About us

ETS was founded in 2002 and is a company that provides comprehensive services to conferences, corporate events, medical conferences, exhibitions, corporate travel and destination management & promotional marketing both in Greece and abroad.

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